Who we are and what makes us unique

JOBDA SRL is a hybrid online and bricks-and-mortar business that for the first time combines the efficiency of a modern online recruitment portal 

with a fast growing proprietary network of currently over 20 traditional recruitment agencies

We aggregate their recruitment capacity and thus enable employers to seamlessly recruit from a talent-pool of well over 7000 qualified temporary or permanent candidates.

The distributed nature of the recruitment means that each agency only recruits a small number of quality candidates, and is able to do so very quickly. We can therefore fulfill our clients' requirements in the most flexible and cost effective way.

Our independent partner agencies benefit from an online toolkit that provides them with effective workflow solutions and a marketplace/clearinghouse that makes their daily routines more efficient and profitable, while candidates find a constant stream of up-to-date high quality job offers.

JOBDA SRL has created a blue collar recruiting ecosystem that is improving the experience for all stakeholders in the recruiting process: employers, agents and candidates.

How we got here
JOBDA SRL was founded in 2020 in Romania as an online recruitment portal specialising in cross border job openings. From the start, the portal welcomed independent local agencies, which nowadays form the backbone of our proprietary network.

With the help of a significant outside investment from world class private investors in 2020 we expanded the business into several countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Our sights are set on an even larger footprint in the CEE region and eventually the extension of our agency network to Western Europe.